PI8 Basics #5: The Browse Manager

Access the Browse Manager by clicking its button in the Panel Manager. It's the fourth one from the top. The Browse Manager provides an alternative to File, Open or Visual Open for opening images and accessing information about them. Familiar Back, Forward, and Up icons let you navigate to the desired folder and file.

browse manager

The Batch Task button has a down arrow which lets you set up Batch Tasks for specific images, folders and subfolders.

Click Setup to open the Batch Task dialog box. Choose a Task from the Quick Command Panel's tasks, a source folder, image types and a destination folder.

batch task

Click the Sort button to sort by name or other criteria.


Thumbnail size lets you edit the default thumbnail size in pixels.

thumbnail size

The Refresh button resets the Browse Manager to show additions, deletions or renamed files.

refresh button

Like the other Panels in the Panel Manager, the Browse Manager can be resized by dragging on its borders. You can minimize or "roll it up" by double clicking on its blue title bar and drag it to a convenient area in the work place to get it out of your way. Double click on the blue title bar again to maximize it.

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