PI8 Basics #3: The Selection Manager

Access the Selection Manager by clicking its button in the Panel Manager. It's the second one from the top. The Selection Manager lets you save selections on an image currently open in the work space. For example, you might want to store a selection of the background in an image, then you could invert the selection to save the foreground. Click the Add button to add each selection to the Selection Manager.

selection manager

You can view the Selection Manager in either Thumbnail display, or in an expanded information format, as shown in the screen shot above. You can rename your selections more meaningfully by clicking on the default name, typing in a new name, and hitting Enter.

The Selection Manager comes in very handy when you have to switch back and forth between editing selected areas and the entire image. For example, once you select a solid colored sky background and fill it with a gradient, deselect the sky and then edit the rest of the image as a whole, it would be very difficult to go back to reselecting the sky only for further edits. By storing the sky selection in the Selection Manager, it is easy to reselect it. You can make selections within existing selections by using the appropriate options in the Selection Manager to make new selections, or change by addition or subtraction.


There are a number of options available for updating, duplicating and deleting selections. There are a couple of tricky things to remember when using the Selection Manager. First, you have to have a Selection tool chosen in the Tool Panel before you can use it. Second, you can only store selections for images currently open in the work space. If you close the image, you lose the selections stored in the Selection Manager.

So if you want to save a selection for future use, be sure to use the Selection, Copy Selection to Object Library option (with "Store Selection" selected and "Fit Selection" deselected) instead. Another possiblity is to leave the selection on the image and save it as a TIF with the "Save Selection" option checked.

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