PI8 Basics #17: Importing Galleries & Libraries

If you've downloaded someone else's presets or objects and would like to install them into your own EasyPalette, it's very easy to Import them. In PI, Gallery files (presets) have the .SMP file extension, and Library files (objects) have the .UOL file extension. Both are added to the EasyPalette in the same way. After downloading a file, unzip it to a folder on your hard drive if necessary.

To Import a Gallery, open the EasyPalette. Click the down arrow next to the Gallery button and choose a Gallery. Then click the down arrow and choose Gallery Manager, Import.

import gallery

Alternatively, you can right click directly on the Gallery in tree view (e.g., My Gallery) to which you'll add the .SMP files and choose Import, as shown below.

another way to import

Doing so will access the Import Gallery dialog box. Browse to and select the desired .SMP file.

import gallery box

Note that a the bottom of the box, "Open as a new gallery" is selected by default. If you want to "Merge file with the active gallery" into a selected Gallery, select this option instead. Click Open and the Gallery will be added to your EasyPalette.

gallery is imported

Importing a Library works exactly the same way. Click the down arrow next to the Library button and choose a Library. Click the down arrow and select Library Manager, Import.

import library

Alternatively, right click directly on the Library to which you wish to add the .UOL file in tree view and select Import. This will access the Import Object Library dialog box.

import library box

Browse to and select the desired .UOL file. Again, choose whether to "Open as a new Object Library" (default) or "Merge file with the active Object Library." Click Open. The new Library will be added to your EasyPalette.

library imported

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