PI8 Basics #14: Backing Up Your EasyPalette Presets and Objects

It's important to back up your custom Gallery presets and object Libraries regularly by Exporting them to a non-PI folder on your hard drive or to CD. That way if you ever have to uninstall and reinstall PI, you won't lose your custom presets and objects. After you reinstall, you simply Import the Gallery or Library back into your EasyPalette and it will all be there again. The method I'm describing below was written for PI8, but it works the same way in previous versions of PI.

Back up Galleries and Libraries like this. In the EasyPalette, select the desired Gallery or Libary for Export. Then click the Gallery or Library down arrow and choose Gallery Manager or Object Library Manager, Export.

export gallery

export library

The next thing you'll see is the Export Gallery or Export Object Library dialog box. Browse to the folder to which you'll save the Gallery or Library. Note that you can save all thumbnails in a selected Gallery or Library, or just the ones that you've selected. Give the Gallery or Library a File name and click Save.

export gallery dialog box

Galleries will be saved with the .SMP file extension, and Libraries will be saved with the .UOL file extension. These are Ulead's proprietary file types and they cannot be read by any other program. That's it!

Get in the habit of backing up your Galleries and Libraries regularly. I try to remember to do this on the first of each month, or oftener, if I'm working on something really complex. I back up to a folder on my hard drive, then for extra security I'll burn them to a CD periodically. As a further safety precaution, I may ZIP the backups up and upload themback to a password protected directory on one of my spare domains. It takes a long time to make a lot of my custom objects and presets, and I don't want to lose any of them.

If the worst happens, like your computer dies and you have to buy a new one, or you have to uninstall and reinstall PI, you're going to be very glad that you backed up your Galleries and Libraries. It's as easy as pie to bring them back into your EasyPalette. In the EasyPalette, click the Gallery or Library down arrow again and choose Gallery Manager or Object Library Manager, Import.

import gallery

import library

You'll get the Import Gallery or Import Object Library dialog box.

import object library box

Browse to and select the desire Gallery or Library. Note that you can open as a new Gallery or Library in the EasyPalette, or Merge the Gallery or Library with a currently active (selected) Gallery or Library. Click Open and all of the Gallery presets or Library objects will be Imported right back into your EasyPalette.

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