PI8 Basics #12: The Text Tool

Add text objects directly to your images without having to open that old Text Entry Box. Simply select the Text tool, click in the base image and start typing. After adding text, click anywhere in the base image to finish.

add text directly to image

Edit Text size, font, style and other attributes directly in the Text Panel, which has multiple tabs. If the Text Panel doesn't open when you select the Text tool, click Panel in the Attributes toolbar. By default, the Text Panel opens to the Style tab. Click the 3D tab to edit Border and Depth values for 3D text (these will be grayed out for 2D text). Click the Split Text tab to split text into separate characters or words.

Click on text with the Text tool to select it after it's been split, then edit the split text objects individually. Below, the second word has been edited to a different color.

split text edited

Click the Gallery tab to access EasyPalette Galleries to edit text, or to Add or Split a Shadow. Click the Options tab to "Disable object pick mode while drawing" and to select "Anti-aliasing" (smooths edges of letters).

Once you type text into an image, it's easy to edit. There's several different ways to do it, depending on whether you want to add/delete words or simply edit text attributes:

(1) If you want to edit existing text attributes (color, mode, font size, etc.) just click on the text with the Text tool to make it active. Now you can edit font, font size, color and other attributes in the Text Panel or in the Attributes toolbar. Don't forget -- you can use the Color Panel to change text color too.

(2) Another way to edit existing text attributes (color, mode, font size, etc.) is to double click on the text with the Text tool. When the blinking cursor appears, right click and choose Select All.

select all

Doing so will select all of the text.

text is selected

While the text is highlighted (selected) you can edit it.

(3) Suppose you don't want to edit the text's attributes, just delete or add words to the existing text? With the Text tool, click on text to select it, then right click and choose Edit Text. You'll see the blinking text cursor appear at the beginning of the text. Move the cursor left or right by using the arrow keys, or by clicking anywhere in the existing text. Begin typing to insert additional text, or backspace over existing text to delete it.

(4) Finally, you don't even have to select the Text tool at all to edit text. Click on it with the Pick or Selection tool to make it active. As soon as the text becomes an active object, the Text tool will be selected in the Tool Panel automatically. Right click and choose Edit Text (displays the blinking cursor) to add or delete text, or right click and choose Edit Attributes to open the Text Panel to edit text attributes. Alternatively, select the text object's thumbnail in the Layer Manager. Right click on the Layer Manager thumbnail and choose Edit Text or Edit Attributes.

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