PI8 Basics #11: HTML Page Web Properties

When you create a web page in PI8, you have a great deal of control over how the page will be displayed in a web browser. You also have control over the page title, background image or color and meta tags, image file types and other options.

To assign Web Properties, choose Web, Web Properties (or hit Shift+Enter). The dialog box opens to the General tab by default. Assign the web page a title, author, keywords and description.

General tab

Click the Background tab to select a background color or image. You can select an image background of your own, or one of the Preset textures or a Background Designer texture. Note that you can specify a color which will show even if you select a background image. You can offset a tiling background, or use CSS to cause HTML text to scroll over a fixed image background.

background tab

Click the Image tab to change the defaults for saving images contained on the web page. Choose to save cell images as JPG, GIF or PNG, and select a preset from the preset dropdown list. Note that if you have saved any Image Optimizer presets, these will appear in the dropdown list. Unless deselected, PI8 will create (if necessary) and save images to an images folder, or a designated folder.

image file types for save

The Slice tab enables slicing by default. All of the objects on the web page will be sliced automatically and each slice saved as an image. The images and HTML text are aligned in a table on the web page. The table is held together by a clear spacer.GIF image to make the cells display properly. That is why "Generate by table" is selected by default, and the "Empty cell" preset is "spacer image" by default. You can choose None, but then your table will likely fall apart and you'll need to edit the page manually in your HTML editor. Alternatively, if you are good with CSS you can choose to output cells by <DIV> tags and position them by CSS attributes.

Slice tab

Finally, there is the HTML tab. From here you can format the case for tags and attributes, specify line breaks and indent type, and choose whether or not attributes will be included in quotes. You can change the default of generating relative URL's. In addition, you can make PI8 create an HTML page which conforms with the new XHTML specifications by selecting that option.

HTML tab

After you've chosen all of the Web Properties for your web page, click OK to close the dialog box. It is always a good idea to choose Web, Check HTML Rendering Errors to make sure that the page will display properly after you upload it to your server.

check for rendering errors

Then choose File, Preview in Browser to preview your page. If all is well, choose File, Save for Web, As HTML.

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