PI8 Basics #10: Selections on Objects

Something long-time PI users have wanted for a long time is the ability to make selections on objects. Now you can do it. Here is a simple demonstration using this unremarkable little object, which I'm going to turn into a mushroom.

simple shape object

Choose a Selection tool. If you're going to make a selection that begins and ends on the object itself, make sure you're in "Add" mode in the Attributes toolbar. Make the desired selection. In this case, I want to shade the bottom and sides of the top part of the mushroom.

make selection

With the Pick or Selection tool, click on the object to make it active. Select the Airbrush or another desired tool. I'm using a darker shade of brown to Airbrush within the selection area. Note that the color stays within the selection area only.

Then I switched to white paint and airbrushed along the top of the mushroom. Now to do some shading on the stem. Choose the Selection tool. Right click on the selection and choose Invert. Now everything on the object except the top part is selected. I've returned to the Airbrush and dark paint to shade under the top of the mushroom and along the sides of the stem.

paint on inverted selection

I've decided to add a little texture to the top of the mushroom. With the Selection tool chose, right click and choose Invert again. I chose Edit, Fill to open the Fill dialog box. I'm going to fill the selection area with a highly transparent Natural Texture and the Soft Light Merge method.

fill dialog box

Deactivate your object and selection, and you're done. Here's the finished mushroom object.


Uploaded 9/24/02

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