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Tasks are a pre-recorded series of commands in PI, much like a word processing macro. You can share tasks with other PI users, so I'm sharing mine with you. All of the tasks below can be Imported into your Quick Command Panel. Unzip the tasks, then Import them into your Quick Command Panel. Remember, you can deselect any preset in the task to edit it to you own liking.

Not sure how to use the Quick Command Panel? Check out the PI8 Basics. These tasks work in both PI7 and PI8, unless otherwise noted.

PI8 Solarize Effect: Takes advantage of the Tone Map and Hue & Saturation commands to mimic PhotoShop's Solarize filter. View example

PI7 Pastel Sepia or PI8 Pastel Sepia: Adds soft, fuzzy noise, a sepia duotone and just enough tender color to create an old fashioned romantic look. This task works best with images contained reds, pinks and corals. View example

Painting and Magic Light: Applies a Creative Painting effect and soft white Magic Light, to produce a desaturated painting effect. View example

Find Edges Painting: Sharpens up detail with Find Edges and applies a Creative Painting effect. View example

Textured Sepia Duotone: Applies an embossed texture to a sepia two-color filter. View example

Art Photo: Creates a glamorous, soft focus effect like the one in my PI6 Art Photo tutorial. View example

Pastel Sketch: Adds texture and a pastel look just like a sketch. View example

Half Sketch: Turns half of your photo into a black and white sketch, while preserving color on the other half, as shown in my PI6 Half Sketch tutorial. View example

I'll be adding more tasks to this page regularly. If you are interested in getting more PI tasks, check out the SkinTight Graphics task page, which features tasks by me and other PI users.

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