PI7 Elegant Decorated Shoe

I saw a collection of small ceramic, decorated shoes in a candle store recently and fell in love with them. They are so pretty and ornate, so I decided to make one in PI7. The nice thing about making a shoe this way, from Path objects, is that you can apply your favorite glitzy presets, and decorate the shoe with your pet, jewels or flowers.

decorated shoe

I made this shoe out of Path objects drawn with the Freehand shape, 3D Round mode. If you have a drawing tablet, this is a great project on which to use it. However, I drew this with the mouse, so it's not that hard to do if you are careful. I used a drawing I made of a shoe as a template for making the objects. Right click and save it to your hard drive to follow along, or use a shoe graphic of your own.

shoe sketch

Select the Path Drawing tool. In the Attributes toolbar, click Shape and select the Freehand drawing tool.

freehand shape

Carefully trace along the outlines of the main part of the shoe. Don't worry if the shape isn't perfect. After you make the object, click Editing in the Attributes toolbar, and edit the shape of the objects as needed. Pat Hinds has a wonderful tutorial on tweaking Path objects in the 1/2002 issue of PIXellence that is very helpful in this regard. You can use any color, texture, gradient or preset you like when making the objects. I'm using a metallic preset from my PI6 Presets tutorial. You may need to drag the Border slider down quite a bit in the Path Panel to flatten out the object.

trace with freehand tool

So that you can draw overlapping Path objects, go to your Path Panel's Options tab and select "Disable object pick mode while drawing" (or just hold down on the Alt key while drawing freehand).

disable pick

Next, trace the top part, which actually shows the inside lining of the shoe. Be sure to extend the drawing below the outline of the first object. When you're done drawing it, right click, Arrange, Send to Back.

draw top of shoe

Next, draw the little V-shaped object for the center of the top part of the shoe. Again, draw it big enough that it extends beyond the area in which it will show. Right click, Arrange, Send Backwards.

draw v-shaped object

Draw the sole of the shoe next. Right click, Arrange, Send to Back.

draw sole of shoe

Draw the back part of the heel. Right click, Arrange, Send to Back.

draw back part of heel

Finally, draw the other part of the heel. Right click, Arrange, Send to Back. Now that all of the objects for the shoe are made, you might want to right click, Select All and drag them onto your EasyPalette's My Library. That way if you want to use these objects again, you'll always have them available. To deselect the objects, hit the space bar. With white as your background color, hit the Delete key. This will fill the base image with white, getting rid of the underlying black outline.

finished shoe

When you are satisfied with your edits of the shoe's shape and colors, here's a trick to help build in some shading. Click on the object you made last, the right side of the heel, to make it active. Choose Object, Convert Object Type, From Path/Text to Image. In the Tool Panel, click the "sun" key's minus (-) sign a few times to darken the object, creating shading.

create shading by darkening

Select and darken the top piece and sole of the shoe, convert them to Image objects, then darken them similarly.

darken other objects

To add gold piping to the shoe, select the Line and Arrow tool. In the Path Panel, select a plain line, no arrow on it, a Width of 2 pixels. In the Attributes toolbar, click Shape and select the Freehand tool. Draw a line along the top of the main part of the shoe. Don't forget about the V-shape in the center top part.

add gold piping line

Draw another line along the top part of the little V insert. If you want to, add some gold around the bottom of the heel, too. Now your shoe is complete.

completed shoe

Here comes the fun part -- decorating your shoe. I used the Stamp tool's pearl stamp at 25% and 50% size to make decorations all over the shoe. Then I added some lace stamps. This shoe would look great made into a "glass slipper" with one of the PI7 Gel presets applied to it. To add a pet or flower decoration, paste an Image object or stamp/tube into your image and use the Object Paint Eraser to erase the parts of the object that should not show (e.g., the parts that go "inside" the shoe).


This tutorial uploaded 6/28/02

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