PhotoImpact 7 Tutorials

All of these tutorials are now available on CD.

39. Color Emboss Custom Filter

Learn how to make and share your own custom filters, including this color emboss filter.

38. Watermelon Brush Presets

Import my brush, gradient fill and lighting gallery presets to make a country clipart watermelon object.

37. Make a More Realistic Perspective Shadow

Uses Split Shadow, Fadeout and Gaussian Blur to create a softer, more realistic looking perspective shadow.

36. Phone Card From a Photo

Here's a way to feature a favorite photo in a faux phone card, complete with raised lettering.

35. 3D Video Box

A fun way to turn a special photo into a slick, 3D video box, complete with perspective distortion and handpainted shadow.

34. Elegant Decorated Shoe

Make an elegant evening shoe decorated with glitzy presets, pearls, lace or jewels, then showcase a pet or flower in the shoe.

33. Image Map

It's incredibly easy to make an image map in PI7 -- you don't have to turn selections into objects anymore.

32. Dreamcatcher

A revamped old favorite, you won't believe how easy it is to make a dreamcatcher now with the PI7 Transform tools.

31. Web Page Edited With FrontPage

It's easy to add HTML text to lengthen or edit pages if you use PI7's FrontPage editing capability.

30. Post to Web

Learn how to upload an image directly to your web site without ever leaving the work space.

29. Rounded Interface

Create a custom edited rounded path object to make your own trendy navigation device.

28. X-Ray Glow Text

Here's how to make positively radioactive, glowing x-ray text for a special header graphic.

27. Sepia Poetic Portrait

An easy way to add old-fashioned charm with a sepia tint enhanced by low saturation colors.

26. Vertical Scrolling Text and Images

Add interest to web pages built in PI7 with scrolling text or images, including links to other pages or files.

25. CSS Fixed Background, Scrolling Text

Use CSS capabilities via the Web Properties box to fix a non-repeating background ennabling HTML text to scroll over it.

24. Blurring a Too-Busy Background

A nifty way to de-emphasize a busy background so that you can showcase the true focus of an image.

23. Import a Grayscale Mask

Create a lovely, greeting card look by importing a grayscale masking image and blending it with a True Color image.

22. Easter Egg

This fun and easy tut will help you make an entry for the 4th Annual Easter Egg Challenge -- win some great prizes!

21. Make Your Own Glamour Shot

The new Beautify Skin filter helps to smooth skin and hide wrinkles in combination with the Remove Scratch tool.

20. Crystal Filter Animation

Make and edit a key frame crystal animation that looks like children blowing bubbles.

19. Top Ten Ways to Make Backgrounds

My favorite ten ways to make seamless tiling backgrounds for web pages and texture fills.

18. Creative Lighting Animation

Custom edit a preset lighting animation by adding key frames .

17. Rollover Buttons

Learn how to make rollover buttons using your own original images for default, mouseover and mousedown states.

16. Customizing a Web Page Template

Jump start web page development by customizing the components of a web page template. Works in PI7 and PI6.

15. The Quick Command Manager

Learn to apply tasks to multiple images by using the Document Manager's "Quick Command Manager."

14. Paint a Fifties Postcard

Use the Paintbrush's Colorize Apply method to create the bright, slightly surreal look of a Fifties-style postcard.

13. Slide Mount

A fun way to create an image map linking to full size photos, or to show off a couple of photos in small format (ZIP kit).

12. Link Object Web Page

Learn how to link to a Flash file, video, plug-in, java applet or other object by embedding it in a web page.

11. Batch Manager

A quick and easy way to apply the same command(s) to numerous images open in the work space.

10. Copyright Statement Batch Task

Record a macro, or task, to apply a copyright statement to an entire folder full of images.

9. Z-Merge Video Wall

Use the new Z-merge tool to make a single object that serves as the building block for a high tech video wall.

8. Web Slide Show

Create a slide show, complete with midi music file, to showcase your favorite photos.

7. Web Album

A handy way to display a large collection of photos, album creates thumbnails and links to the full size images.

6. Zoom Blur

The wonderful new Zoom Blur filter can help you zero in on an important part of an image, or create a feeling of motion.

5. Custom Color Swatches

Select colors from an existing image, then save custom color swatches to your Color Panel.

4. Gingerbread House

Make one yourself with a custom edited Path, the new Freehand tool and very cool new Material Gallery presets.

3. Remote Rollovers

PI7 makes it easy to create remote rollovers on your web pages with new Script Effects.

2. Pop-up Menu

Learn how to use the slicer, then apply the new Script Effects to create a Pop-up Menu.

1. Print Multiple

My first PI7 tutorial shows you how to use the fabulous new Print Multiple command.

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