PI6 QuickTip #8: The Colorize Pen

A really fast way to change the colors in an image, while retaining existing light and darks, is to select the Colorize Pen from the Retouch Tools. I'm starting with this True Color photo I took of a mockingbird.

true color image

Select the Colorize pen from the Retouch Tools. In the Attributes toolbar, click in the Color box to select a color for colorizing.

select a color for colorizing

Scrub the Colorizer pen over the image. In this example, I've used the lavender color selected in the Color box screen shot above, and completely replaced all of the colors with shades of lavender.

colorized entire image

In this example, only the bird was colorized with gray, while the background was left untouched. 

only bird colorized with gray

Colorize pen color changed to several different colors.

several different colors

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