PI6 QuickTip #5: Object Paint Eraser Tool

The Object Paint Eraser tool offers a quick and easy way to "cut out" a subject from a background, like the flower shown below. Make a rough selection around the object you want to cut out using the Lasso tool. Don't forget to double click to close the selection. Right click on the Selection and choose Convert to Object.

make a rough selection with Lasso 

Now that you have an object to work with you can use the Object Paint Eraser. Make it easier to refine the selection by choosing View, and deselecting Base Image. This hides the base image, displaying the checkerboard for a transparent background, and lets you focus better on the task at hand, which is erasing the unwanted margin around the flower.

make background transparent

Zoom in and start erasing around the edges of the flower.

erase around edges of petals

Continue erasing around the edges until you have a good, clean selection. If the animated broken line around the object bothers you or makes it hard for you to erase accurately, choose View and deselect "Show Marquee."

erased selection

If you make a mistake, you can paint back what you erased by clicking on the Recover button in the Attributes toolbar. Because of the Recover function, even though you erase a great deal, the object size will remain constant. When you have completely erased the object to your satisfaction, click on the Trim button to get rid of the extra space. You can no longer Recover once you've clicked the Trim button.

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