PI6 QuickTip #4: Wrapping and Bending Objects

Use the Object, Wrap command to bend objects into rounded shapes. You can edit the number of times the object is repeated, whether the repeated objects bend up or down or go around in a complete circle, the beginning and ending size of the repeated objects, and more. 

Start with an object like this one.

path object

While the object is active, choose Object, Wrap, Bend to open the Bend dialog box.

Bend dialog box

Decide how many repeats of the object you want and edit the Count accordingly. If you want the repeated objects to cluster together, leave the default Spacing value at 0. The Bending Amount ranges from -100 to 100, both of which create a complete circle. Here are the results of the values entered in the dialog box shown above.

edit bending amount and spacing

Experiment with different Count, Spacing and Bending Amounts. A positive number creates a downward curving "frown," and negative number creates an upward curving "smile." Try varying the Starting and Ending Height, or turn the object on its side by selecting the Vertical option.

editing height

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