PI6 QuickTip #30: Instant Border Background

Every week several people write to ask for an easy way to make a simple border background. This is the easiest way I know and once you get the hang of it, you can make a border background in a minute or two.

Start by making yourself a new image as wide as you want the border to be, and about as high. So if you want a border 50 pixels wide, make a new image 50 pixels wide and 50 pixels high. Do Edit, Fill or hit Ctrl+F to open the Fill dialog box. Fill the image with a color or finely grained texture.

fill with color

You'll want your border background to be at least 1200 pixels wide, so it won't repeat itself if viewed on a large screen. To add the extra 1150 pixels in width, choose Edit, Expand. Make sure "Expand sides equally" is not selected. Expand on the Right only (arrow) by 1150 pixels (50 + 1150 = 1200). I'm Expanding here with a white canvas, but if you want to use another color, click in the Color box and select a different color for the expansion.

expand right side only

Click OK. Instant border background!

If you want to get a little fancier and add a bar and a drop shadow to the border, make yourself a new image slightly taller than the border and 2 or 3 pixels wide. For this example, I made one 3 pixels wide by 60 pixels high. Fill it with the desired color.

narrow object

Copy this image into the Clipboard and Paste it into your border background. Use the Pick tool to position it on the right edge of the color or texture filled border. Right click, Shadow, and add a small shadow around all edges. I like a black shadow, 50% transparency, 5 pixels all around. Position the object so the edges of the shadow are cut off top and bottom. That way the border will tile seamlessly. Right click, Merge All.

border background

To make sure it will look good on a web page, choose File, Preview in Browser, As Tiled Background. If it looks good, save it and upload to your server.

Click here to see this border tiled on a page.

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