PI6 QuickTip #29: Adding a Stamp

There are some really cool stamps in PI6, but did you know you can add your own objects as stamps? Stamps are nothing more than .UFO objects which you save and then add to your stamp collection. (You can also add PSP tubes to your stamp collection, a process I outlined in QuickTip #12)

First you must have created a PI6 object and saved it to your hard drive. I made this image object in PI6, and saved it as pinkheart.ufo to a folder I made called "objects."


To import into your Stamps, select the Stamp tool. In the Attributes toolbar, click the down arrow and choose Add Stamp from the dropdown list.

Add Stamp

When the Open dialog box appears, browse to the folder to which you saved the object, select it and click Open. 

select object file for stamp

PI will whirl for a few seconds, and then you'll see a thumbnail for the new stamp in the Attributes toolbar.

stamp added to attributes toolbar

Now you can stamp with this stamp just like any other one, editing its Scale, Spacing, etc.

stamp trail

For more exploration of PI6 Stamping fun, check out my Teddy Bear Stamps Tutorial.

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