PI6 QuickTip #27: Seamless Tile Maker

The Create Seamless Tile command is a wonderful way to make a unique, one-of-a-kind background tile from a favorite image. You must use a True Color image, or the command will be grayed out. If your image isn't True Color, choose Format, Data Type, and choose True Color to open a True Color copy of the image. 

With the Standard selection tool set to Square or Rectangle, make a selection of the area that you'd like to turn into a tile. Try to get a nice, clean selection that doesn't straddle an area with dramatic color changes. Also, don't select too close to the edges of the image. The Seamless Tile Maker "borrows" some space outside of the selection to get the best result. 

In this example, I've made a square selection from details of waves in a wonderful image of "Undine" by Arthur Rackham. 

make a selection

Choose Web, Create Seamless Tile to open the Create Seamless Image dialog box. 

Create Seamless Tile box

Accept the defaults and click Preview to view the selection as it would appear tiled across a web page. Click Escape or hit the space bar to return to the work space. If you like the tile effect, click OK. A copy of the tile will appear in its own window in the work space.

seamless tile

Note that the default values chosen by the Create Seamless Tile dialog box can be edited. You can unlock the Merge size (the overlap between image tiles) locks for top and bottom, and left and right, to edit these values. You can also enter your own Merge ratio (level of edge blending) to tweak the tile effect. 

Sometimes no matter of adjusting the Merge size and Merge ratio yields a good tile. In that case, click Cancel to close the Create Seamless Tile box. Return to the original image, Undo the selection, make another selection and try again.


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