PI6 QuickTip #24: Editing PI6 HTML Code

PI6's web-centric features like Web Album and Web Slide Show (among others) generate the code for HTML pages. However, code generated by PI6 contains backward slashes (\) when referencing directories in which images or HTML pages are located. While visitors to your site who use IE will not get errors when reading backward leaning slashes, Netscape users will get page not found errors or red X's indicating a broken image.

For example, the code generated for a framed PI6 Web Album page will look like this:

html code

To correct this problem and make it so that all visitors to your site see your pages as you intended, change the backward slashes to forward slashes, like this:

html code

If you have an HTML editor, it is a simple matter to open up the PI6 generated web page and replace the backward leaning slashes with forward slashes. If you don't have an HTML editor, an easy way to fix the slashes is to view the HTML page in your browser on your local computer. View the source code, which should open the page up in Notepad. Change the slashes to forward slashes and then do File, Save to save the changes. 

Now you can upload your pages and be sure that everyone will see them correctly, no matter which browser they're using.

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