PI6 QuickTip #21: Automatic Transparent Background

It's very easy to create a transparent background in PI6. In fact, it is nearly always best to make a transparent background this way. It can be done automatically by not merging objects with the base image. For example, you can tell that this button I've made is an object because it's got an animated broken line running around it.

active object

Choose Web, Image Optimizer (or hit F4). You'll get the Image to Optimize dialog box. Choose "Selected objects" and click OK.

image to optimize box

The Image Optimizer dialog box opens.

Image Optimizer, select "Transparency"

Select (check) "Transparency." The right preview window will show the checkerboard pattern which indicates that the background is transparent. Now you just save it. That's it!

If you know what color or background image you'll be using with the transparent image, especially if you'll be using a darker color, you can optimize blending with the background easily. However, don't do this if you want the image to be transparent against any color or image!

To optimize blending of the image against a specific color or image file, click on the Mask Options tab. Click the Matte down arrow and select a color or image file which will be used to fill in around the button. 

select a matte color

Click the Browser preview button to view the button against the selected color or image file. As you can see in the screen shot below, the button blends in perfectly with the black background (but remember, that this button will no longer look good against a white or pastel background). There are no jaggedy edges or white spots showing. In addition, the Browser preview details all the information about the image.

Browser preview

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