PI6 QuickTip #20: Wrapping Text Along a Path

You can wrap text along any solid filled path object, including standard shapes, custom shapes and shapes you make yourself with the Spline tool (you can't Wrap text around objects made up  of multiple paths).

While the object is active (surrounded by an animated broken line), choose Object, Wrap, Add Text to Active Path. Alternatively, right click on the object and choose Wrap, Add Text to Active Path. Doing so opens the Text Entry Box.

Text Entry Box

Type the desired text. Select the text and edit the text color, size, etc. Don't forget that you can edit Character Spacing too. In this example I changed the Character Spacing from the default of 0 to 5, because it helps make the text easier to read when wrapped if there's slightly more space between letters. Click OK to apply the Text Wrap.

text wrapped around path

Notice that where there are angles along the path, the text will overlap, like at the indentation at the top of the heart shape. Note also that the path object itself disappears, and the text replaces it. If you want to keep the object in the image, copy it into the Clipboard before you Wrap the text, then paste it back into the image after you Wrap.

An alternative way to Wrap text (or another path object) around a path is the Fit Together command. First create the text or path object, then create the object you want to wrap around. Select both objects at the same time, then choose Object, Wrap, Fit Together (or right click, Wrap, Fit Together). Using this method, a small heart object was wrapped around a larger heart path.

wrapping one path object around another object's path

You can wrap text along a curved line like this one too, made with the Line and Arrow drawing tool. 

select text and path object

Just select the text ("Gentle Curve") and the path object at the same time, right click and choose Wrap, Fit Together. The text will replace the path object.

text replaces path

If you want to wrap text around an image object, you'd think all you'd have to do is convert it to a path object, but that won't work. The resulting Wrapped text will appear as a rectangle. To "trick" PI into Wrapping text around an  image object, merge the image object with the base image. Then use the Spline Path Drawing tool to make a solid path object the same shape as the image. Just click and drag around the image, creating a simplified shape with as few deep indentations and angles as possible.

Double click to close the path and you'll get something like this.

Right click and choose Wrap, Add Text to Active Path to open the Text Entry Box.

Text Entry Box

Type in the desired text. Select it and edit the Baseline shift to 20 or more to bump the text up so it will appear outside the confines of the image you're wrapping (negative Baseline shift values bump the text down below the baseline). Edit the character spacing so that the Wrapped text characters won't be too close together and click OK. Now the text is Wrapped around the image!

text wrapped around image

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