PI6 QuickTip #2: Superscript and Subscript Text

New Text tool features allow you to drop or raise certain characters above the baseline. You can even change the size of the characters, selectively. For example, let's see how to do this to the chemical notation for water shown below.

unedited text

It's easy to drop the text below the baseline and make the 2 smaller than the H and O right in the Text Entry box. Highlight the 2 to select it. To drop the character, edit the "Baseline shift" value to 10. Positive numbers take the selected character below the baseline, and negative numbers raise the character above the baseline.

select and do a baseline shift

While the 2 is still selected, change its size to 40. 

edit font size

Click OK. Now the text is properly displayed for a scientific notation. 

edited text

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