PI6 QuickTip #19: The Trace Command

The Edit, Trace Command can be applied to an entire image or to a selection. It is a handy way to make 3D Path objects with unique shapes, and it's very easy to do. For example, draw in highly contrasting colors a shape that you want to turn into a Path object, like this horse I drew.

horse drawing

Choose Edit, Trace, Image to open the Trace dialog box. 

Trace dialog box

Generally speaking, you will do best with the default Tolerance (lower values equal greater accuracy), Jump point (lower values create smoother curves) and Threshold (luminence level of included pixels). I like to select "Show path only" so I can see the shape of the path better. Click OK to close the dialog box. Automatically, the Path Drawing tool will be selected, and you will be in Horizontal Deform mode.

Horizontal Deform mode

Select 3D Round or another mode from the dropdown list in the Attributes toolbar. Now you can edit the object the same way you would edit any other object.

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