PI6 QuickTips #17: Using Third-Party Plug-ins

Although there are many stunning filters and plug-ins built into PI6, it's nice to be able to use third party plug-ins in PI too. You do not need to install outside filters and plug-ins into the PI6 plugins folder to be able to use them. 

Choose File, Preferences, General (F6), PhotoImpact. When the dialog box opens, select Plug-ins.

plug-ins, preferences

As you can see above, I've already established the path to some third party filters. In the steps that follow, you'll see how to add another plug-in. Click the next available Browse button to open the "Browse for Folder" dialog box. Browse to the folder and plug-in or filter file you want to use and click OK.

browse to the plug-in folder

When you're returned to the Preferences dialog box, you'll see that the selected filter or plug-in has been added to the list.

plug-in added to list

You will need to close down PI before you'll be able to use the plug-ins. Choose File, Exit or hit Ctrl+Q to close PI. Open PI back up again. With an image open in the work space, click on Effect and you'll see the plug-ins listed at the bottom of the commands, under Creative and Magic.

plug-ins added to Effect menu

From now on you can use the plug-ins in PI.

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