PI6 QuickTip #16: Image Optimizer GIF Preset

If you often save GIF images with the same attributes, you can save time by creating a preset. When you're ready to save your image, choose Web, Image Optimizer (or F4) to open the Image Optimizer dialog box.

select attributes for the preset

I want to save at GIF Optimized 256, which I've selected from the Preset dropdown list. For some reason, my Image Optimizer always defaults to a Weight of Green, which is annoying and not what I want, so I change the Weight to Even. Now click on the Add Preset button to open the Save Preset Options box.

name the preset

Give the preset a name and click Add. From now on, when you want to save using this preset, select it from the Preset dropdown list.

select your preset

Now all you have to do is click Save As and the image will be saved with specified attributes. The preset will "stick" too, which means that unless you choose a different preset, it will be selected automatically when you save the next image.

If you decide to delete the preset, all you have to do is select the custom preset and click the Delete preset button. It will disappear from the Presets.

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