PI6 QuickTip #15: New File Custom Preset

If you often start with a certain size new image, PhotoImpact 6 lets you create a New file custom preset. For example, I often start with a 300 X 300 pixel white canvas. To create the preset, choose File, New to open the New dialog box.

In the User-defined section, enter the size of the preset, select a canvas color and dpi. 

Options buttonClick the Options button and select "Add User-defined Size."

New dialog box

When the Add User-defined Size dialog box opens, give the preset a name and click OK.

give preset a name

When you're returned to the New dialog box, click Options again and you'll see your preset right there. 

preset added to Options 

Notice also that Edit User-defined Sizes has been added to the options. If you decide you want to delete the preset, or edit some of its attributes, you can edit them.

From now on, whenever you want to open a 300 X 300 pixel white canvas image, just click Options and select your preset. It will "stick" too, so once you open it, unless you choose another new image size, the File, New command will continue to open your preset until you close PhotoImpact. 

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