PI6 QuickTip #12: Using PSP Picture Tubes as Stamps

If you love PSP tubes but gave up on using them in PI because they were such a hassle to convert, you'll really appreciate this new feature. (A word about older tubes showing up black when imported

With an image open in the work space, choose the Stamp tool. 

stamp tool

In the Attributes toolbar, click the down arrow and select Import Picture Tube.

import picture tube

When the Open dialog box appears, browse to the tube file you want to Import as  stamp. The file should have a .TUB file extension. Click Open to Import the tube file. Now stamp in the base image.

lace tube

This gorgeous lace PSP tube was created by Dizzie, who has many more wonderful tubes you'll want to check out.

To select another stamp, click on the Attribute toolbar's down arrow again and choose Select Stamp. To delete a stamp, click on the down arrow and choose Delete Stamp. To add a PI6 UFO object as a stamp, choose Add Stamp and browse to the UFO file you wish to add as a stamp.

Some older PSP tubes won't show up when imported into your stamps, you'll just get a black area. You can still use them, though. Get the tube-ex.zip file, which converts tubes into PNG images. Open the PNG in PI and convert it to an object, save as a UFO, then add the object as a stamp. 

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