PI6 QuickTip #10: Hue & Saturation Muted Tile

If you haven't played with the new Hue & Saturation sliders, you may be missing out. These controls are a lot more sophisticated in PhotoImpact 6. 

The new Lightness feature makes it easy to created a "muted" or very transparent image, which might then be used as a background tile.

I'm starting with this very colorful image.

To lighten or mute the image, select Format, Hue & Saturation, or hit Ctrl+E, to open the Hue & Saturation dialog box. Edit the Lightness value to 75 (or higher). Click Preview to see the results applied to the actual image. If you're satisfied, click OK.

Edit Lightness value

Now you've got a muted image that could serve as a background tile.

muted image

Be sure to explore the other sliders in the Hue & Saturation box. The new Colorize slider allows you to replace all of the colors in the image with shades of a selected color. For example, this same image was edited using the Colorize option and dragging the Hue slider into the aqua range.

changed hue

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