PI6 QuickTip #1: Dockable Tool Panels

One of the greatest new features of PhotoImpact 6 is the ability to really customize the work space. Many of us use the Selection and Path tools frequently, and it can be a hassle toggling from one tool to the other. Now you can display the entire Selection and Tool Panels wherever you like!

Choose View, Toolbars & Panels, Selection Tool Panel. And there it is, a floating, dockable Selection Tool panel with all four Selection tools. 

floating, dockable tool panel

Drag the Tool Panel where you want to store it and it will "dock" there. 

Here I've docked it under the Bucket fill tool.

drag and dock tool panel

Don't like it there? Just drag it somewhere else. As shown below, you can drag the tool panel up to the menu bar if you like.

dock tool panel on menu bar

Add other docking tool panels too. Just choose View, Toolbars & Panels and select the desired tool panel. Then drag it to its new location. If there's not enough room, PhotoImpact will make space for the newly added tool panel.

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