PI6 Hide 'n Go Seek Painting


Hide 'n Go Seek Boy

The easiest way to paint in PI6 is to start with 2D Path shapes and fill or paint over them.

To paint this little boy playing hide 'n go seek, download this hide 'n seek UFO ZIP kit, which contains all of the objects for the little boy. You can also download the tree trunk UFO ZIP kit. The kits will only work with PI6.

This tutorial is aimed at intermediate to advanced PI users who are comfortable with painting in object mode, filling objects and selections, and shading  and contouring with the Airbrush and Burn Retouch tools.

Open up seek.UFO in the work space. Hit the space bar to deactivate all of the objects. I moved the hands out of the way here because they were hard to see against the edges of the shirt object.


It doesn't look like much yet, but by selecting each object and painting over it or filling it, then contouring, your little hide 'n go seek boy will emerge.

Select the Bristle Paint tool, Grass preset. Edit the brush size to 8. Click in the color box and select a golden brown color, RGB=185, 123, 0 or similar. Click Mode to enter Paint as Object Mode. Paint some spikey hair sticking out on top, then draw some hair over the rest of the head.

start painting hair

Stay in Paint as Object mode, but click in the Color box and select a slightly lighter shade of golden brown, RGB=181, 155, 53. Fill in the hair with this color. Switch to a dark reddish brown color to some dark hair for contrast. When you're finished, the hair should look something like this. Click Mode to exit Paint as Object mode.

finish painting hair

Select the round gray head object and choose Edit, Fill. From the Color tab, select a nice golden brown color like the one you just painted with, and click OK. This will "fill in" the spaces between brush strokes with a harmonizing color. While the head object is active, Shift+Click on the hair object, then right click, Merge as Single Object.

edit color of head object

I filled the overalls, cuffs and pockets with the textured linen fill shown below. Copy a fabric texture into the Clipboard, then do Edit, Fill. From the Image tab, fill the overall object with the texture. Repeat for the cuffs and pockets. Next, fill each of the texture-filled objects with Navy blue, 50% Transparency. Do this by choosing Edit, Fill, from the Color tab. The white will look kind of like denim.

linen texture

To create contouring and shadowing, select the overalls object. Switch to the Airbrush Paint tool, Size=25, Color=Navy blue, Transparency=75. Lightly airbrush along the edges of the overalls, just under the pockets and behind the bottom pants cuffs.

Repeat by selecting the pockets and the cuffs and Airbrush around their edges to add shadowing and dimension. Try to get a gentle curve at the seat of the pants. Use the Blur tool, if necessary, to soften the curve.

add contouring and shading

Select the shirt object next. Fill the shirt with a nice plaid image. I'm using one of Pat Hinds' lovely plaids, but you can use your own image, or one from the Fill Gallery.

fill shirt with plaid

Switch to the Airbrush Paint tool. Use the same settings as before, but edit the color to black. Airbrush lightly around the edges of the shirt.  Airbrush where shadows should be, just under the overalls top and the folds of the arms.

airbrush on shirt

Select the Paintbrush tool, Fine Brush preset. Edit Size=1, Soft edge=1. Leave the Transparency at 34. Paint lines for the cuffs, and lines defining the arms. Remember to use small, curving lines. It doesn't take much to suggest definition.

add lines for draping

While these Paintbrush settings are still active, use the Pick tool to select each object making up the overalls and shirt (not the head and hair). After you select each object, hit Shift+P to Paint on Edges. This will add a dark line around each object, lending definition and sharpness to the overall composition.

Select a pocket, then use the Paintbrush, Straight Lines, to add stitching to the back pockets.

paint on edges, add detailing lines

Fill the hands with a skin color. I used a light beige, then I Airbrushed around the edges of the left hand with a peach color. I did Paint on Edges with the Transparency set to 75%, to avoid a harsh look. Use the Arrange options to send the hands to the bottom of the stack of objects. The right hand should barely show. Paint lines to separate the fingers on the left hand.

add hands, airbrush, paint fingers on

Now you can click on objects and tweak them. Add more shading where it's needed, and use the Burn tool, Wide Burn preset, to add more pronounced edge contouring and to darken the hair at the sides and bottom. I used the Dodge tool, Spotlight preset, to add some highlights just at the top of the boy's head. Don't overwork, just tweak here and there. I added a small tan oval "label" to the back of the overalls.

When you're satisfied with it, select an object, then right click, Select All Objects. Right click, Merge as Single Object.

finished object

Make a new file 400 X 400 pixels. Fill it with a Two-Color gradient fill, bright blue to white, 75% Transparency and drag from top to bottom. Make a selection at the bottom for the grass and choose Edit, Fill. From the Texture tab, fill with Grass 4, Transparency=25. Right click, None. If you're going to use the tree trunk object, drag it into the middle of the image now. Select the Crayon Paint tool, Waxy Preset, and select a bright green color. Sketch in some bushes on both sides of the tree.

add background

If you want to add leaves to the tree, you can do so now. I used the Particle Paint tool, Leaf Preset, set to bright green and dark green, varying the two colors, with a Transparency of 75, to make leaves. Then I put "flowers" on the tree with the Bristle Paint tool, Pepper Dot preset, in white. When you're done with the background, right click and Merge All.

Copy and paste your boy object into the image, centering him in front of the tree. You can add a slight shadow around him, 2 or 3 pixels, black, 50% Transparency, if you wish. Then right click, Merge All. Use the Bristle Smear Retouch tool to drag up bits of grass around the tree trunk and the boy's shoes, to make it look like he's really standing in the grass.

Now you're done.  And by the way, this would make a cute "Time Out" image too -- just put the little boy in a corner!

Time Out!

This tutorial uploaded 6/08/01

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