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Fan Quilt Square BlockI'm a quilter from way back, but lately I don't have much time for sewing. Looking at my old quilting books gave me the idea to make a virtual quilt square in PI.

This fan quilt square is made with simple 2D Path objects which are filled with some of the wonderful patterns in the EasyPalette's Fill Gallery.

You don't have to use these colors. If you want to use your own patterns or colors, try to pick a light, medium and dark tone to maximize contrast.  I made another version of this quilt square with rusts and browns which you'll see at the bottom of this page. 

I've made the fan, heart and square making up the center of the quilt square. I've already adjusted them so that they all fit together. 

You can download the objects here and resize as desired, or if you're feeling adventurous, you can make your own path objects.

objects for center of quilt 

Open up the objects in PI. If they're active when they open, hit the space bar to deactivate all the objects. Choose Edit, Expand, and Expand 50 pixels on all four sides. With the Pick tool click the heart object to make it active. From the EasyPalette's Fill Gallery, Magic Texture, double click on the MT043 thumbnail to fill the heart with the texture. Click on the large square to make it active, then double click on MT 043 again to fill it with the blue texture.

fill heart and square with texture

Click on one of the dark gray fan objects to select it. In the EasyPalette's Fill Gallery, Magic Texture, double click on MT 044. Select and fill the other two dark gray fan objects the same way. Select and fill the two light gray fan objects with MT 046.

fill fan objects with textures

Right click on the large square object and Duplicate. Right click on the duplicate and choose Properties. When the Object Properties dialog box opens, click the Position & Size tab. In the Size section, select Percent from the Unit dropdown list, and resize to 20% of the original size.

Select the Transform tool and rotate the new, small square object 45 degrees clockwise. In the EasyPalette's Fill Gallery, Magic Texture, double click on MT 044.

small square, filled, rotated

Switch back to the Pick tool. Right click on the small square and Duplicate. In the EasyPalette's Fill Gallery, Magic Texture, double click on MT 046. Move the two squares so that they but right up against each other. While one square is active, Shift+Click the other square, so that both are selected at the same time. Right click and choose Align, top. Right click and choose Group. You're going to build a horizontal string from these two squares. 

Right click on the Grouped squares and Duplicate. Right click and Duplicate again, so you have 3 groups of 2 squares each. But them up against each other in a horizontal line. Shift+Click all 3 groups, then right click and Align, Top. Make sure there are no spaces between the groups.

Right click and Group the 3 groups, so they will move as a unit. Switch to the Transform tool. Rotate 45 degrees counterclockwise and place along the top left edge of the main quilt square.

Right click on the small square string and Duplicate. Click the Rotate & Flip section and choose Flip Vertically. Drag the flipped squares over to the right top edge of the main quilt square.

Right click on this string of small squares and Duplicate. Rotate it 90 degrees clockwise and position on the lower right edge of the main quilt square. Right click and Duplicate, then flip the duplicate string Vertically. Position on the lower left side of the main quilt square.

Try to line up the strings of small square objects so that they frame the large square perfectly. If you have to, click on the large square to select it, then use the Transform tool's Resize option to stretch it a little to make sure it is big enough to meet the edges of the little square objects framing it.

Select one object, then right click, Select All Objects. Right click and Group to group them all together. This would be a good time to save what you've done so far to My Library in the EasyPalette, or to save it as a UFO file, just in case disaster strikes or you have to stop you work for a while.

Hit the space bar to deactivate all objects. Select the Path Drawing tool. In the Attributes toolbar, click Shape and select square. From Mode, select 2D. Draw a large square object just big enough to meet all four corners of the center frame around the center square. Right click, Arrange, Send to Back, so the square is behind the other objects. Fill the object with MT 043 from the Magic Textures. Select the Transform tool, Resize option, to stretch the square so that it fits exactly.

resize square if necessary to fit

Don't be alarmed if you see little dark spaces between the squares. The lighter squares' fill is somewhat transparent around the edges and some of the dark color underneath shows through.

Select the Path Drawing tool. In the Attributes toolbar, click Shape, Custom Shape. When the Custom Shape box opens, select Heart. In the upper right corner, draw a small heart shape and fill it with MT 046. Right click and Duplicate, positioning the duplicate in the upper right corner. Right click and Align, Top, to line them up. Copy the aligned hearts into the Clipboard, then Paste then back into the image. Drag them down to the lower left and right corners. Align these duplicate hearts with the ones above them.

place hearts on quilt square

Right click on the large blue square and choose Duplicate. Right click, Properties to open the Object Properties box. Resize the square to 110% of its original size. 

Right click, Arrange, Send to Back. Fill this new large square with MT 046.

Right click, Select All Objects, then right click, Group. Save the parts of the quilt square to your EasyPalette or to your hard drive as a UFO file.

add final large square, send to back

Now comes the fun part, decorating the quilt square with "stitching." Select the Paintbrush Paint tool. In the Attributes toolbar, set the brush Size to 1, Transparency=35,  Soft edge=1. You could use a Transparency of 0 if you like, but I think that the slight transparency of 35%  is less stark and ties the image together better.  Click in the Color box and select white. Click Lines and select Straight Lines.

attributes toolbar for paintbrush

Before you begin painting the stitches, make sure you click Mode in the Attributes toolbar. This is a great timesaver because when you finish one side of the stitching, you can Duplicate it, flip it horizontally or vertically, and use it again on the other side. 

For example, here I've clicked Mode to enter Paint as Object mode, then outlined the upper left corner of the quilt square. Click Mode again to exit Paint as Object mode. 

quilt stitching

Copy the stitching into the Clipboard, then paste it back into the image. Use the Pick tool to drag the stitching onto the right top side. Repeat, flipping appropriately, for the corresponding areas on the bottom.

copy stitching, flip horizontally and put on other side

Paint "stitches" around one of the hearts in Paint as Object mode, duplicate the stitching and then paste it back into the image 3 times to outline the other 3 hearts. Make stitching around the fan and small inside dark square too. 

Finally, while the Paintbrush is still selected, change the Color of the paint to navy blue, brush size=3, all other attributes the same as used for stitching. With the Pick tool click on the largest square, the one you added last, at the bottom of the stack. Hit Shift+P to do Paint on Edges. This will put a narrow band of navy around the quilt square to finish it off. 

Click on any object to select it, then right click, Select All Objects. Save the objects to your EasyPalette. Once all objects are active at the same time, right click and Merge as Single Object. Add a shadow, and your fan quilt square is done.

Try other color combinations too. Here's one made with rusts and browns from the Fill Gallery. I used black stitching on this one.

This tutorial uploaded 1/12/01

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