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A couple of years ago I did a "Movie Blue Screen Effect" tutorial for PI4.2. The technique involves removing color selectively from an image, as shown in the before and after shots below.

Before Paint Out

After Paint Out

I've recently found an even easier way to achieve this cool effect by varying the Paintbrush Apply method. You can use my color image above, or one of your own.

Open up the image in PI. If you're concerned about preserving your original, hit Ctrl+D to make a duplicate. Close out the original and work on your duplicate.

Select the Paintbrush tool. Check in the Attributes toolbar to make sure that either black or white paint has been selected in the Color box. Initially at least, use the default brush Size and Soft edge. Hit Ctrl+F3 to open the Brush Panel. Click the Options tab. From the Apply Method dropdown list, choose either Saturation Only or Colorize. Either method will work, but only users who have installed the PI6 patch will have Colorize listed.

edit Apply Method

Selecting either of these Apply Methods will remove color, but not the saturation, brightness or contrast of the colors, resulting in a grayscale look.

Zoom in to 200% or more and begin painting over the background, wherever you want to remove color. It helps to use a precise shape cursor. You can see the round paintbrush-shaped cursor below.

begin painting over background

A good strategy is to paint close to the edges of the object you want to remain in color, then go back in with a smaller brush to clean up the edges and get into small areas. If you make a mistake, immediately right click and Undo, or hit the Undo button, and try again. Keep going until you have all of the background painted out.

It's pretty easy to get the paint out color effect, once you get the hang of it. If you want to try something different, try painting out the child and leaving the background in color.

paint out child instead

Here's another one of our puppy, Taffy, swimming in the lily pond in our backyard.


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