PI6 Mother's Day Bracelet


Happy Mother's Day Bracelet

Mother's Day is coming on May 13th. Honor your mom by making a sparkling Mother's Day keepsake bracelet, or if you're a mom, make one for yourself with your own kids' pictures, as I've done here. This image works best with 3 photos. If you don't have 3 kids, adapt the tutorial by filling them with pictures of your kid(s) at different ages or a family photo. No kids at all? This is a fun way to show off your pets, too!

There are a couple of objects you'll need to download to complete this tutorial. First, you'll need the link .UFO path object, available here in a ZIP file. You'll add this object to your stamps to make the bracelet. It's made with the "rosegold" preset from my PI6 Presets tutorial. I used the same preset on all of the path objects. If you want to use a different metallic preset, just edit the link object as desired and re-save it as link.ufo.

Second, you'll need to download this image object shown below. 

image object

This ugly, lumpy looking object will serve as the basic shape of the bracelet. When you paint on its edges later with the link stamp, it will look much more attractive, believe me. You can download the bracelet.ZIP file here.

Ready to get started? Make a new image 500 pixels wide by 300 pixels high with a white canvas. Open the bracelet.ufo file up. Use the Pick tool to drag it into the center of the new image. Make sure the object is active, with an animated broken line around it. Select the Stamp tool. In the Attributes toolbar, click the down arrow and choose Add Stamp.

Add stamp

When the Open dialog box appears, browse to and select the link.ufo file. Click Open to close the dialog box. You should see the link object in the thumbnail in the Attributes toolbar. Edit the stamp's attributes to Size=100, Spacing=70. Now for the magical part. Hit Shift+P to Paint on Edges with the link stamp. Like a row of dominoes falling over, the links will gradually appear all around the edges of the object. 

paint on edges of object

All objects will be active. Hit the space bar to deactivate. With the Pick tool click the black image object and then hit Delete to get rid of it. You'll be left with just the links. Hit the space bar to deactivate the object.

delete black object

Because metallics look better against a dark background, I elected to change the base image color to black. Of course you don't have to use a black background, and if you don't want to, just skip this step. To fill the base image with black, make sure black is the Background Color in the Quick Color Controls on the right side of the work space. Now hit Delete to fill the base image with black. 

edit bg color to black

Now your bracelet looks like this.

bracelet against black background

To get rid of the top part of the bracelet, click on the object with the Pick tool to make it active. Select the Object Paint Eraser and erase the top part. Try to erase neatly around one of the links on each side. You may have to Zoom In and change the eraser size to 5 or so with a Soft edge of 5.

erase top part of bracelet

Now you're ready to make the little pictures and frames. Select the Path Drawing tool. Click Shape in the Attributes toolbar and select Ellipse. Select 3D Round from the Mode dropdown list. Click Options and select Galleries, Material. 

3D Round Ellipse objectThis will open the EasyPalette's Material Gallery. Double click on the thumbnail for the preset you want to use, then draw an ellipse shaped object for the photo and frame.

Right click and Duplicate this object. Drag the duplicate into an empty area in the work space, where it will open in its own window. Don't deactivate the object or merge it with the base image. Hit Ctrl+D 3X to make 3 copies of the object and base image. Leave all 4 of these spare 3D Round objects there for later. 

turn into 3D Pipe objectReturn to the original object in the bracelet image. Click on it to make it active, then choose 3D Pipe from the Mode dropdown list. Drag the Border slider down to 2 to create a narrow frame.

Open the images you want to use in your three photo frames. You don't need to resize the image because it doesn't matter how large it actually is.  Select the part of the image you want to put into the photo frame. Copy the image into the Clipboard by hitting Ctrl+C (or hit the Copy button).

Click on the blue title bar for one of your spare ellipse objects to make it active. With the Path Drawing tool selected, choose Selection from the Mode dropdown list. This turns your object into a selection area the exact same size as the ellipse object.

turn object into selection

Choose Edit, Paste, Fit Into Selection. The Clipboard contents will be pasted to fit into the Ellipse shaped selection. If the image looks blurry, choose Format, Focus and sharpen it up a bit. Copy the ellipse picture into the Clipboard.

clipboard contents pasted into selection

Click on the blue title bar for the bracelet. Paste (Ctrl+V) the ellipse photo into the image. Position it over the 3D Pipe frame object, then right click, Arrange, Send to Back, so the frame is on top of the image object.

stack frame on top of photo

You don't have to make a glass overlay for the photo frames, but I think it adds a little polish to do so. Click on the blue title bar of one of the spare 3D Round objects. In the Attributes toolbar, click Options, Galleries, Material. From the Material Gallery's Glass tab, right click on a harmonizing color thumbnail and choose Modify Properties and Apply. (I'm using the old PI4.2 Droplet glass preset)

When the Material dialog box opens, click the Transparency tab and edit it to at least 97% transparency. This will give you a very transparent glass overlay for the image. Copy it into the Clipboard.

glass overlay

Click the blue title bar of the bracelet image to make it active. Paste the glass overlay object into the image. Position it over the frame and photo objects. Right click, Arrange, Send Backward.

add glass overlay, send backward in stack

Select the Stamp tool. Stamp out one link object to serve as a jump ring that connects the frame to the bracelet. You'll have to rotate it a little using the Transform tool to get it aligned correctly with the photo frame object.

add jump ring

To dress it up a little, make a small round "bead" with the Path Drawing tool, or make yourself a small jewel of some kind. I'm using my PI5 Diamond object reduced in size to 65%.

add diamond or bead accent

Now that you've made the first photo frame, use the Pick tool to Group the objects. You can do this by opening the Layer Manager and selecting the object thumbnails. Click on a thumbnail to select it, then hold down on the Ctrl key while selecting other thumbnails. Right click on a thumbnail and choose Group. This will allow you to move the entire framed and decorated photo as a unit.

Repeat the steps above for making the second and third photo frame. Use the spare 3D Round objects to turn them into selections, then paste the photos into them to fit. Copy the glass overlay into the Clipboard and paste it onto the second and third photo frames. When you're done, you'll have three photo frames for your bracelet. Select the Transform tool and rotate them slightly so they seem to dangle naturally from the bracelet.

add all three photo frames to bracelet

Select the Path Drawing tool. Click Shape in the Attributes toolbar, Custom Shape. When the Custom Shape box opens, select Heart. Choose 3D Round from the Mode dropdown. Make a small heart shape. Add a link Stamp jump ring and another diamond or bead accent. Select all of the parts of the heart object and Group them. Right click, Duplicate. Position the heart objects along the bracelet chain.

 add heart objects

Select the Text tool. Choose a nice, bold font with a broad surface area to spell out the letters for MOTHER. I'm using Berlin Sans FB Demi, which came with one of my card programs. Click in the base image to open the Text Entry Box and type M. Click OK to close the box. In the Attributes toolbar, click Options, Galleries, Material. Double click the preset thumbnail for the metallic preset you've used on the rest of the bracelet. Add a link Stamp jump ring. Use the Transform tool to rotate the letter and jump ring so that they dangle naturally from the bracelet.

add M and a jump ring

Repeat to make the rest of the letters spelling out MOTHER. Add a jump ring to each one and rotate as needed with the Transform tool.

add the rest of the letters

Select the Path Drawing tool. Click Shape and select Rectangle. Make a very small 3D Round rectangle object for the left clasp. Rotate it as needed to fit the end of the bracelet (arrow).

bracelet clasp object

With the Path Drawing tool selected, right click and Duplicate the rectangular clasp object. From the Mode dropdown list choose 3D Pipe. Drag the border slider down to 1. Resize with the transform tool to about half its original size. This is the other side of the clasp. Rotate and position on the right side of the bracelet (arrow).

add clasp to other side

To embellish a little more, add some sparkles! You could just use the Path Drawing tool to make a white, 2D object with the Star 4 Custom Shape, shown left.

Star 4 Custom Shape sparkle

Another fun way to add sparkles is to use SkinTight's Glint object, as I've done in this tutorial. This creates a somewhat softer looking sparkle.

add Glint object stamp

Now your Mother's Day bracelet is done! Remember that you can customize this bracelet to your heart's desire. Try painting on the edges of the necklace object with small pearls spaced closely together, or the little silver ball, or a custom object of your own. Make jewels from the Any Shape Button Designer's presets, or use jewel tubes that you've added to your stamp collection.

This tutorial uploaded 5/04/01

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