PhotoImpact 6 Tutorials


Any Shape Button Designer Presets
  If you installed the PI6 patch and miss your Any Shape Button Designer "jewel" presets, you can get them back!
Web Page
Learn to create and save an HTML web page right in the PI6 work space.
Animation Studio
Try out three fabulous, eye-catching animations using the new Animation Studio effects.
Teddy Bear Stamps
Make 8 adorable teddy bear stamp objects and add them to PI6, then stamp away with the Stamp tool.
Type Effect Animations
Experiment with cool new Creative Type Effect animations. They can be applied to text, image and path objects.
Spline Path Tool Dragon
Make a ferocious, shiny red dragon with the revolutionary new Spline Path Drawing tool. ZIP kit included.
Wrap Your Own Dingbat 
Learn to use the new Object, Wrap, Bend command to repeat and distort shapes into unique dingbats.
Halloween Page Template
Custom edit one of the new page templates to make your own Halloween greeting page -- make an animated GIF too!
Haunted House
Use 2D path shapes, white shadows, lightning and some of my Halloween objects to make a frightening haunted house.
Make Your Own Clipart
By special request, an easy way to make your own country clip art using simple path objects and the Paint tools.
Slide Show
Create a web slide show for a special collection of photos. You can even add music to add to the fun.
Web Album
The new Web Album feature lets you share photos by clicking on thumbnails linked to the original images.
Rollover Buttons
Create easy java script rollover buttons from buttons you create yourself.
Thanksgiving Turkey
Make a funky, country clip art turkey with a couple of custom shapes, then contour with Paint & Retouch tools.
Make a Macro
Learn to create a macro, or task, in the Quick Command Panel to automate frequently performed commands.
Santa Holiday Greeting
  Simple 2D Path shapes make up a clip art Santa, perfect for a holiday greeting page or snowglobe ( ZIP kit included).
CD Jewel Case Inserts
  Download these objects to make your own CD jewel case cover and tray insert right in PI6 (ZIP kits included).
Happy New Year Penguin
  Ring in 2001 with a cute penguin with a glass of bubbly, and learn to use several tools in innovative ways. 
Gradient Brush Stamp Painting
  Learn how to "paint" with a stamp, achieving an effect like a double-loaded brush in tole painting, to make a lovely rose.
Editing a Too-Dark Photo
  Lightening midtones with a Tone Map can do wonders for salvaging a photo that's too dark. 
Importing and Exporting Presets
  Download 20 drop dead gorgeous new metallic presets, learn how to Import them and Export your own presets.
Merge Method Magic
  Create stunning and artistic effects with new Merge methods for fills and objects.
Fan Quilt Square
  Make a quilt square with 2D Path objects then fill with wonderful patterns from the Fill Gallery. ZIP kit included.
  This interface has enough chrome, inset lines, screws and pure flash to double your testosterone level.
Bird's Nest
  Use one of the Paint tools' most unusual presets to paint a charming bird's nest, complete with speckled eggs.
Custom Paint on Edges Mask
  Make a custom mask for a special photo by using the Paint tools to Paint on Edges. Works for PI5 too!

Importing and Exporting Galleries and Libraries

  Learn the foolproof way to back up your custom presets and objects and to Import other people's PI downloads.
Country Hat Boxes
  Make a stack of charming country style hat boxes, adding texture by editing Paint tool presets. 
Puzzle Frame
  Put a little-utilized Effect menu command to work for you to make a one of a kind, color-coordinated picture frame.
Woven Basket
  Paint a woven basket with two little path objects, then add shading and contouring with the Airbrush and Burn tools.
Flower Pot Topiary
  Paint a realistic looking clay flower pot, then add a star-shaped topiary with Paint on Edges leaves and a bow.
Greatest Hits CD
  Make a slick, shiny CD with gradients, fadeouts and edited transparency levels. ZIP kit included.
Top 10 Layer Manager Tips
  My favorite tips for using the Layer Manager can show you just how flexible it can be in manipulation objects.
Marble Hall
  Create a beautiful marble hall setting to showcase your favorite child, grandchild or pet.
Mother's Day Bracelet
  Fashion a beautiful, sparkling keepsake bracelet with framed photos of your children or pets in honor of Mother's Day. 
Sliced Web Page
  Learn my workaround for web pages that don't leave gaps at higher resolutions. The Slicer is your secret weapon.
Gone Fishing
  For experienced PI6 users only, learn to make a little fisherman or gal with a big straw hat and fishing pole.
Business Card Template
  Learn how to custom edit a business card template, change its resolution, then print it out.
Photo Collage
  Learn how to showcase your favorite photos by making masked selections with softened edges that blend well.
Hide 'n Go Seek Painting
  Download the UFO ZIP kit to paint and fill these simple, 2D shapes. It'll make you want to run outside and play!
  Make yourself a genuine slice of Americana -- build your own diner. For intermediate to advanced PI enthusiasts.
Inside Out Painting
  A super easy, fun way to make it look a person stepped into a watercolor or oil painting. Works with PI5 too.
Painting Gallery "Mask"
  An unusual use for Painting Gallery templates:  a faux "mask" using your own texture, plus a Button Designer "frame."
Painted Lady Victorian House
  Download the UFO ZIP kit to make your own painted lady. All you have to do is fill with your own colors and gradients.
Pastel Sketch Look
  Use two Effect commands (Emphasize Edges, Emboss) and a merge method to create a soft, pastel sketch look.
Two-Color Art Photo Effects
  The Two-Color special filter, plus a couple of Format and Effect commands, create a sepia sketch look from a photo.
Ray of Light Photo Effect
  Create excitement, or simply salvage a poorly lit photo, by adding a dramatic ray of light to your photo.
Paint Out Color Effect
  Here's a super easy way to selectively paint out color from an image by simply varying the Paint tool's Apply Method.
Half  Sketch Photo Effect
  A fun effect, turn half a photo into a black and white sketch, leave the rest in color. Download the task for your QCP.
Make a Seamless Wood Tile
  Make wood from scratch with color, noise, motion blur, and a little Whirlpool and Warping.
Photo-Filled Text
  Here's a quick and easy way to fill text with a photo -- no distortions and you control how much of the image shows.
Get the Most Out of Subsampling
  Few notice the Image Optimizer's Subsampling options -- learn how to use them to balance quality and file size.
Top Ten Clipart Tricks and Tips
  Guidelines for my favorite ways to make eye-catching country clipart.
Ulead's Animation Applet 2.0 Tutorial
  Add pizzazz to your PI images with java applets -- learn how to build a web page around your animation in FrontPage.
Halloween Spider
  You can make this cute little Halloween Spider with a few simple path objects and paint as object mode.
Soft Art Photo Effect
  Create a glamorous, soft focus art photo effect by varying Merge method and tweaking Highlight Midtone Shadows.


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