PI6 Gone Fishin' Country Clipart

Gone FishingAs sure as it's almost summer, little kids are making their way to their favorite fishing holes.  

This tutorial shows you how to make a cute little boy or girl with a big straw hat and fishing pole. The little girl is shown at the bottom of this page. Almost all of the objects are 2D path shapes. 

This is a tutorial for experienced PI users. A lot of the path shapes are drawn freehand. For best results, you should already be comfortable using the Spline Path Drawing tool, know how to create contouring and shadowing with the Airbrush and Burn tools, and how to change the stacking order of objects. 

Start with a 400 X 400 new True Color file.  Select the Path Drawing tool, Ellipse shape, Mode=3D Round. Click in the Color box and mix a light golden brown color, RGB=176, 131, 85.  Draw an ellipse shape for the crown of the hat. From the EasyPalette's Material Gallery, Bump, apply Concentric. Choose Object, Convert Object Type, From Path to Image. Drag the Border slider down to 1 or 2 to flatten out the object. 

Select the Object Paint Eraser and erase the bottom of the hat's crown object in a slightly downward curving shape. If the bump looks a little sharp, use Effect, Blur & Sharpen, Blur to soften the look a bit.

crown of hat

Draw a wide, flat ellipse path shape for the brim of the hat. Send the brim behind the crown. Convert the brim to an Image object. Select the Burn Retouch tool, Wide Burn preset. Edit the Size to 50. Burn the brim just under the crown, creating a shadow. Burn lightly on the top of the crown. Shift+Click to select both objects, then select the Transform tool. Rotate the hat objects 35 degrees counterclockwise.

add brim, rotate

To make a hat band, select the Line and Arrow tool, Spline shape, Mode=2D, Color=blue-gray (RGB=68, 109, 140), Width=6, Style=solid line, Arrow=none. Click and drag a hatband to conform to the shape of the bottom of the crown. Convert to an Image object and erase as needed on the ends.

add hat band

And a black drop shadow, 50% transparency, to the hat band, then choose Object, Split Shadow. Move the shadow so that it barely peeks out from under the band. Erase any of it that extends outside of the top or sides of the band. Select all the hat objects, right click, Group.

add shadow, group all objects

With the Line and Arrow tool still selected, change the Width to 22. Click in the Color box to mix a very pale blue-gray (RGB=213, 222, 228). Click and drag a shape like this one. 

left arm and chest

Position the arm object as shown. Send the arm behind the hat. Convert the object to an Image object.

position arm as shown

To make the overalls, select the Path Drawing tool. Click Shape and select Spline. Mode=2D, Color=gray-blue, the same color used to make the hat band. Drag a shape like this one. Leave yourself plenty of room for two feet at the bottom. If your shape doesn't turn out exactly right, make additional path objects and add them to the main one, merging them as a single object. You can further "sculpt" the overall object with the Object eraser, with the Size set to 5 or so, Soft edge=5.

overall path object

Position the overalls object as shown at left. Right click and Duplicate the pale blue-gray arm object, then flip it horizontally. Position it at the bottom of the stack on the other side of the body.

add overalls and other arm

With the Spline Path Drawing tool, choose a pale tan color to make a 2D object shaped like this for the boy's hand. Convert it to an Image object.

make a hand object

Use the Airbrush tool, 75% Transparency, to add a rosy pink or coral "blush" to the side of the hand. Position it at the bottom of the stack, so that it extends from the sleeve. 

place hand at bottom of stack

Select the Line and Arrow tool, Mode=2D, Width=5, Color=blue-gray. Click and drag two overall straps and position them on the overalls. Make sure the hat is at the top of the stack. The bottom edges of the straps should be on top of the overalls.

make straps

With the Path Drawing tool, Spline, Mode=2D, Color=dark brown, draw a shape for the foot. Duplicate the foot and rotate it slightly counterclockwise for the right foot. Change the stacking order of the feet so that they are behind the bottom of the overalls.

add feet

Make a gray-blue pocket like the one shown on the left side with the Path Drawing tool, Spline. Convert to an Image object, then darken it by clicking on the sun key's minus (-) sign 1X. Duplicate the pocket, flip it horizontally. You'll have to use the Eraser to trim the duplicate pocket where it extends over the overalls.

make pockets

Select the Path Drawing tool, shape=Rectangle, Mode=3D Round. Make a tall, narrow rectangle for the fishing pole. From the EasyPalette's Material Gallery, Realistic, apply Leather 2. 

Make a small, slightly wider rectangle object for the handle and apply Leather 1. 

Make 3 small ellipse shapes and align them in a vertical row, positioning them just above the handle.

Select all of the fishing pole objects by Shift+Clicking the objects, then right click, Merge as Single Object. Rotate the fishing pole with the Transform tool, 30 degrees clockwise. Change its stacking order so that it is at the bottom of the stack, behind the boy.

fishing pole

Select the Pencil Paint tool, 2B preset. Alternatively use the Paintbrush tool, Fine Pen Preset. Click Mode to enter Paint as Object mode. Paint looping fishing line along the pole. Have it wrap around the top of the pole and come back down again. Add a pointy fish hook. Click Mode to exit Paint as Object mode. 

While the fishing line is active, Shift+Click the fishing pole objects to select them too, then right click, Merge as Single Object. Send the fishing pole to the back of the stack.

fishing pole and fishing line added

Now that you've made all the objects, here's the fun part -- shading and contouring. For the shirt, use the Airbrush tool set to the Fat Stroke preset, but edit the Size to 35. Use the same blue-gray color you used to make the overalls and hatband, but edit the Transparency to 75. Don't worry that the Preset will show "None," this happens whenever you edit a preset.

Attributes toolbar for Airbrush

Once the attributes for the Airbrush are set, select the left arm object. Click back on the Airbrush and hit Shift+P to Paint on Edges. Repeat on the arm object on the other side. Instantly you've created some soft contouring.

Paint on Edges with Airbrush

Select the left arm object and Airbrush just on the outer edges to darken them slightly. Airbrush along the inner arm, top of overalls and just under the hat brim to create more contouring. It is easiest to set your cursor to Precise Shape (in Preferences), so you can see what you're doing. Hold the cursor so it's mostly off the edges of the object, catching only the outside edges. Repeat for the other arm.

Darken edge with Airbrush

To contour the overalls, select them to make them active, then choose the Burn Retouch tool, Wide Burn preset.

Drag lightly along the edges of the overalls, creating shading. Each one of yours will probably look different, but that's the beauty of hand "painting." There's no right or wrong amount of shading or burning here, just aim for a look that satisfies you. I like a kind of dark look.

To get the shading that divides the overalls into two legs, I used the Thin Burn preset and went over it a few times in a fairly straight line. Then I burned over it with the Wide Burn preset with the size edited to 25.

Burn around overalls, straps and shoes

Select the straps and burn around them, then select the shoes and burn around the toes and lower sides. Select and burn around the pockets too.

To make the pockets stand out better, add a black shadow to each one, split the shadow, then position the shadows so they are closer to the pockets. If you want to add some stitching, use a fine brush (black, Size=1, Soft edge=1, Lines=Straight) to add stitches to the tops of the pockets.

add shadow to pockets, plus stitching

To dress up the straps, make two round Path objects to represent buttons. I made a large button and reduced it in size. It's a lot easier to do it that way than it is to work on a tiny button. Alternatively, just make two round gold Path objects for buttons. Add a black 2or 3 pixel shadow around all sides of the straps and the buttons to help them pop out better.

add buttons to straps

Finally, use the Burn tool, Wide Burn preset, Size=25, Level=50, to add a little contouring to the left side of the hat.

contour hat with Burn tool

While any one object is active, right click and Select All Objects, then right click and Merge as Single Object. You're done! Because you made everything as independent objects, you can use the little fisherman on any background, plop it into photos, etc.

You could change this to a little girl easily by adding some braids and a flower (or bow) on her hat, as shown below.


This tutorial uploaded 5/18/01

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