PI6 Any Shape Button Designer Jewels

If you installed the PI6 patch, you lost your Any Shape "jewel" presets at the bottom of the dialog box. If you're like most of us and you really, really want them back, here's some good news! Ulead has made them available again and you can get the ZIP file here.

After you unzip the file, copy uAnyBtn.pst to your PI6 Plug-ins folder. You'll be asked if you want to replace the existing file with the new one, so choose Yes. Be aware that Ulead advises that the new file will override the preset thumbnails installed with the patch. But you will have those glorious jewels back! The logical corollary to this is that if you didn't install the PI6 patch, don't worry about this, you already have them!

Just to share my experience, when I pasted this preset file into my Plug-ins folder, the thumbnails for the jewels appear if I use the Web, Button Designer, Any Shape command. However, from the EasyPalette's Button Gallery, Any Shape, the jewel preset thumbnails don't show, just the regular ones. Go figure. So you have the best of both worlds, depending on how you access them.

Thank you to Colwin Chan and the other great folks at Ulead who responded to all our kvetching about missing those presets.

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