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Path Tool Pumpkin
Learn to use the new Path tool -- Adding, subtracting and editing control points to make a Halloween pumpkin.
Paint and Retouch Tool Art
Use the new Paint as Object Mode to make an outline, then render a flower with the Paint and Retouch tools.
Creating and Saving Objects
Make a painter's palette and paint dabs while learning how to create and save objects in PI 5.0.
Fall Holiday Wreath
Use the Path Outline tool for the base, then use Paint as Object mode on the wreath and ribbons. ZIP kit included.
Wrap Gallery Christmas Ornament
The new Wrap Gallery options offers exciting new ways to curve text and objects on a shiny silver and red ornament.
Path Tool
Try out all four -- Path Drawing Tool, Outline Drawing Tool, Line & Arrow Tool, and Path Edit Tool.
Component Designer Javascript Rollover Buttons
The Component Designer lets you make on mouseover, on mousedown and onclick buttons right in the work space.
Image Slicer
Learn to use the Image Slicer to dice up an image, then reassemble with HTML table code.
Java Rollover Assistant
The Assistant writes the HTML code for any 3 buttons, then just cut and paste the code into your web document.
Lighting Gallery Animation
Create and edit an astonishing keyframe Fireworks animation from the new Lighting Gallery.
Fadeout Flower Collage
Perform gradual transparencies for blended images easily and effortlessly with the new Fadeout feature.
Mask Mode Flower Child
Use the powerful new Mask Mode to "paint out" and edit parts of objects to blend a flower with a child's face. 
Quick Command Panel
Tired of selecting commands and clicking? Learn to create macros to automate frequently performed tasks.
Restoring Old Photos
Restore discolored old photos with Tone Maps, Color Balance, Clone tools and Style filters.
Lighting Gallery Magic Reindeer
Turn a boring old deer photo into Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer with dramatic Lens Flare and Magic Light effects.  
Snowglobe Kit
Make a gorgeous animated snowglobe from the ZIP kit included in the tutorial.
Artist Texture Bump Maps for Presets
Learn to use Artist Textures to make bump maps for 18 stunning metallic presets.
Five Easy Pieces
Can't feed your ding habit? Here's how to use five simple shapes to make your own. ZIP kit included.
Fantasy Collage
Learn how to combine fills, objects, filters, and particle and lighting effects to create a one-of-a kind fantasy collage.
Make a sleek chrome interface with trendy skinny lines by making cylinders and editing straight paths into curves.
Custom Shape Gallery Kimono
Use wonderful new custom shapes to make a digital kimono, add your favorite presets. ZIP kit included.
Editing Creative Particle Effects
Create a holiday toast with objects in the Image Library, edit the bubbly Creative Particle effects, and add sparkles.
Millennium Bear
Build a Millennium Bear with simple Path objects. Add a key, a UFO diamond and get ready to jump into the next century!
Path Edit Tea Set
Use the Path Edit tool to change the shapes needed to make a tea pot and tea cup. ZIP kit included.
Painting With Textures
Use the new Paint with Textures feature, and the Retouch tools to turn a photo into an Impressionist painting.
Trio of Text Tricks
My favorite three text effects: Gradient Border Text, Cutout Text and Invisible Outlined Text. Easy!
Lacy Doily Valentine
Use Path shapes, the Paint Brush and the Trace command to make a lacy doily. Add a shiny red heart and fall in love!
Learn to make your own jukebox with new presets, shapes and gradient fills! ZIP kit included.
Importing PI 4.2 AnyShape Button Designer Presets
Import the PI 4.2 AnyShape Button Designer's Advanced options to make beautiful, glossy jewels in PI 5.0.
Automatic Transparent GIF
How to create a transparent background automatically in the Image Optimizer.
Calculation Morph
Create a striking composite image from two images, like the popular morphing cartoon characters.
Fuzzy Chick Easter Greeting
Put simple 2D path object shapes together for a fun, surprise Easter greeting (there's a bunny in the egg)! ZIP kit included.
Psychedelic Sixties Lamp
It's groovy, it's happening, it's a far out and funky animated sixties lamp. ZIP kit included.
Matted and Framed Picture
Use Creative Type and the Path Drawing tool to make a rich looking matted and framed flower painting.
Everyone loves mystical, magical dreamcatchers. They're easy to make with the Path drawing tool. ZIP kit included.
3D Gallery
Make a fun, easy way to display your favorite images in a dramatically different new way. ZIP Kit included.
Paint Tool Masks
Make two lovely photo edge masks with the Paint and Fill tools. ZIP kit with 6 masks included.
Skinny TV Lines
Add high tech,trendy little lines to a favorite photo and put it on TV.
Mother's Day Greeting Card
Create and print a special Mother's Day card right in the PI work space -- no card program required!
Path Library Watch
Learn to customize Path Library objects by creating your own, one-of-a-kind wristwatch.
Tweaking Creative Painting Effects
Tweak Fine controls for Creative Painting effects so that they look good even on smaller images. 
Cartoon Coloring 
Use the Magic Wand selection tool, and the Paint and Retouch tools to colorize your doodles.
Remove Red Eye
The Camera Lens, Remove Red Eye command offers an easy way to get rid of red eye resulting from flash photography. 
Cloning Out in Flawed Photos
This challenging tut shows how to get rid of unwanted details with the Clone Paintbrush tool.
Make one petal and turn it into a fabulous, country-style sunflower, for a touch of summer all year round.
Easy Custom Shape Lace
All it takes is a 2D object, duplicated and turned into a narrow 3D Pipe object. Voila, instant lace!
Three Ways to Create a Transparent GIF
Compare all three ways to create transparent backgrounds, then decide which way works best for you. 
Build your own majestic, romantic lighthouse with the Path Drawing and Outline Drawing tools.
Panel Header Graphic
A 3 panel header graphic for your online photo gallery:  Learn to use Object and Web menu commands, too. 
Clickable Image Map
The Image Map Assistant makes it easy to assign a URL and Alt text to a selection or area of a navigation graphic.
Lighting Gallery Drama
Learn how to tweak Lighting Gallery effects -- add drama with rainbows, lens flares, spotlights and more.
Dingbat Frame Splash Page
Make a gorgeous frame dingbat splash page with a new UFO object ding courtesy of Fontitude.
Carousel Horse
Combine several simple shapes, resized and recolored, to make a magical carousel horse. UFO ZIP kit included.
Particle Paint Tool Artistry
Find out how to use the Particle presets to make tiles and add sparkling, translucent color to favorite photos.


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