PI5 Custom Edited Path Library Watch

The EasyPalette's Path Library contains a number of useful path objects that can be customized easily. Just drag an object's thumbnail into the work space, right click to Ungroup the objects, then edit to suit your needs. In this tutorial we'll customize a boring brown leather wrist watch with a favorite image and colors.

finished watch

Start by opening the EasyPalette's Path Library. Drag Watch 2 from its thumbnail into the work space.  It will open in its own window. At first all of the objects will be active because they are grouped. Right click and choose Ungroup. Select the Path Drawing tool, then click anywhere in the base image to deactivate the objects. 

Open the Layer Manager to see all of the objects making up the watch -- there are quite a few of them. Fortunately, the Layer Manager makes it easy for you to keep track of them and select the one you want. 

layer manager

The first thing we'll do is replace the face of the watch with a different image. Click on the thumbnail for the watch face, "Obj-14" in the layer manager. Doing so makes its corresponding object in the base image the active object. Copy the object into the Clipboard, then choose Edit, Paste, as New Image, so the copy opens in its own window.

select watch face

Now open the image you're going to put on the face of the watch. If necessary, resize and otherwise edit the image so that its size is proportional to the size of the watch. I'm using this logo butterfly image.

image for watch face

Copy the image into the Clipboard.

Return to the watch face object in its own window. From the Attributes toolbar's Mode dropdown list, choose Selection. Now choose Edit, Paste, Into Selection. Don't click yet, move the image around inside the selection area until you have positioned it as desired. Then click to fix it in place. Copy this selection into the Clipboard.

paste into selection

Click on the watch image's blue title bar to make it active, then Paste the round selection into the base image. Use the Pick to drag it over on top of the watch face. Using the Pick tool's Order options in the Attributes toolbar, click on Send Backward 11X, or until the watch face is behind the little dot in the middle of the clock, the second hand, the minute and hour hands, the rim of the watch face, and the glass overlay.

watch face under other objects

Select the Path Drawing tool. In the EasyPalette's Layer Manager, click on the red second hand. In the Attributes toolbar, click in the Color box and choose another color. I picked a hot pink that stands out against the dark blue butterfly.

Next we'll edit the watch band. In the Layer Manager, click on the thumbnail for Obj-11, the top watch band. Open the EasyPalette's Material Gallery, 3D Collection. Double click on Cookie. 

apply cookie preset

In the Attributes toolbar, click in the Color box and select a purple color. The vertical line bump will remain, but the band will change color.

edit bottom of watch band

Repeat these steps to edit the bottom part of the watch band to match.

In the Layer Manager, select the thumbnail for Obj-15, the metallic part of the watch. From the Material Gallery, Metallic, double click on Silver 4. From Reflection, double click on Sand, which darkens the silver around the edges. 

change to silver

We need to edit the the round frame around the watch face too. In the base image, click on it to make it active. From the Material Gallery, Metallic, double click Silver 4. To make the watch frace frame a little darker, so it provides good contrast, from Shading double click on Silver 2.

edit face frame

Now we have to do something about the gold hour and minute hands. Click on the minute hand to make it active. From the Material Gallery, Metallic, double click on Silver 4. From Shading, double click Copper 3. Repeat for the hour hand. 

Click on the yellow dot in the middle of the watch to make it active. From the Material Gallery, Metallic, double click Silver 1. Now right click and Merge All. Your custom-edited watch is done!

If you want to get really fancy, you can animate the second hand, so that it sweeps around the clock face. Just right click and Undo after merging, rotate the second hand 45 degrees. right click, Merge All, and save as Frame 2 of an animation. Repeat a few more times and put the frames together in the GIF Animator.

Pepper drives!Remember, you can edit other Path Library objects easily too. Click on the thumbnail at left to see Pepper and her friend go for a ride in the Ulead car! The background was filled with the perspective road background in the Fill Gallery, and the sky was filled with clouds from the Natural Texture Gallery. 



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