PI5 Lacy Doily Valentine

Now that it's almost Valentine's Day, make a Valentine for yourself or your sweetie. Remember using paper doilies and construction paper to make them? (I hope you weren't the kid who ate the glue)


This tutorial shows how to use simple Path shapes, the Paint Brush tool and the Trace command to make a lacy doily. Add some glitz with shiny red and gold hearts and someone might fall in love with you!

Start with a new 300 X 300 pixel image. Fill it with black using the bucket fill tool. Choose the Path Drawing tool and select Custom Shape in the Attributes toolbar. Draw a small heart, 2D, white. Right click, Merge All.

valentine shape

Select the Paint Brush tool. In the Attributes toolbar, choose a Round brush, size 4 pixels, soft edge=0, paint=black. Make a dot by clicking, then make a series of dots around it, to form a flower shape.

paint flower shape

Use the Lasso selection tool to select around the flower shape. Copy the selection into the Clipboard (Ctrl+C). Choose the Standard selection tool. Paste the selection back into the image (Ctrl+V). Drag it near the first flower shape.

paste back into heart

Paste the shape back into the heart until you have enough to almost fill the heart. This will form an eyelet pattern. Don't worry if it's not perfect, the heart is going to cover most of it. When you have an arrangement you like, right click and Merge All.

paste flower shapes in

Select the Paint Brush tool. In the Attributes toolbar choose a round brush, white paint, size 3 pixels, soft edge=0.  Starting at the center top of the heart, paint 3 little scallops for the lacy edge. We'll do three at a time in case you make a mistake and have to right click, Undo, you won't lose the whole row of scallops.

add scallops

Continue making scallops all the way around the heart. Make a little teardrop shape at the very bottom. It should look something like this.

scallops all the way around

Now make a second row of scallops, joining in the centers of the previous row. With the second row added, your heart will look like this.

second row of scallops

Add one more row of scallops. It should look like hand crocheted lace. If it's a little lopsided, no harm done, that's the charm of a handmade Valentine.

third row of scallops

Now let's turn it into 3D lace. 

Choose the Magic Wand Selection tool. In the Attributes toolbar, set it to "Make a new selection," and Similarity=99. Click in the white part only. This Similarity will select all of the white pixels in the heart. 

select all white areas

Choose Edit, Trace, Selection Marquee. When the Trace dialog box opens, enter the values shown below. The 1's give the smoothest and most accurate Trace.

Trace dialog box

Click OK to close the dialog box.

The selection will turn into a Path object. The Path Drawing tool will be selected and in the Attributes toolbar, the Mode will be Horizontal Deform.

Select 3D Round mode instead. You will get this lumpy looking doily. Don't despair! It will look a lot better shortly.

traced doily object

While the lacy doily object is active, click on the Material button in the Attributes toolbar. Click on the Bump tab and select Bump map. Browse your hard drive to the PI 5.0 Material folder and select Bump02.jpg. Click OK to close the dialog box. 

In the Attributes toolbar, use the Border and Depth sliders to flatten the doily out. Note that there are some creases (arrows) around the edges which we'll paint out after a few more steps.

creases on surface (arrows)

Choose the standard selection tool. Drag the doily into the work space. It will open in its own new window. You'll see the white shape that served as the basis for the Trace command in the old image with the black background. Close that image out.

In the new image with the lace doily, choose Selection, Select Base Image. Click on the bucket fill tool and select black paint. Click in the image and fill the background with black. Right click and Merge All. Next we'll get rid of the little creases around the edges of the doily. Don't worry about the middle, because you'll be putting a red heart over that part.

Choose the Zoom tool and click once in the image to magnify up to 200%. Select the Paint Brush tool, white paint, round brush, size 3 pixels. Touch up the doily by painting out the creases on the edges (arrow).

paint out creases  

Now your doily is complete. Choose View, Actual Size.

lace doily completed

Select the Path Drawing tool. In the Attributes toolbar, choose Custom Shape. When the Custom Shape box opens, select the Heart shape. Draw a a heart that is somewhat smaller than the doily. You want to leave some of the doily showing around the heart shape.

Go wild with the colors and shadings and bumps from the Material box. I've put a gold preset heart behind the red, metallic textured heart.

finished valentine

When you're done, right click and Merge All. Happy Valentine's Day!

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