Importing the PI4.2 Any Shape Button Designer "Jewel" Presets

The Advanced Options for the PI 4.2 Any Shape Button Designer make fabulous jewels. If you've upgraded to PI 5.0 and you miss those handy Advanced options, it's simple to Import them into a PI 5.0 EasyPalette Gallery. If you've already Imported them directly from PI 4.2, then deleted the older program, you've lost those files and will have to recreate them. Below I'll tell you how to prevent that from happening to you.

Don't despair though, I've saved them all for you and you can download the file, then Import them into PI 5.0. You'll need to unzip the file into a separate folder on your hard drive.  Then in PI 5.0, go to the EasyPalette's Gallery Manager and Import the pi42jewels (SMP files) into an EasyPalette Gallery. I made a separate Gallery for mine.

Because the Advanced options didn't have names, just thumbnails showing how they looked, I've given them names based on their color in the original 4.2 thumbnails. At left you can see the original green button (top row, extreme left), with various Advanced options applied. 

different Advanced options applied

It's important to note that even though Advanced options as diverse as "red5" and "pink2" and "yellow3" and "purple1" were all applied to the original, all of the buttons still ended up green. Advanced option thumbnail color and appearance are only going to tell you so much about how the finished "jewel" will look, and you will need to experiment for the best results. 

The original button or selection's color will interact with the Advanced option's color, bevel and light settings in unique ways.

For example, in the top row, extreme left side here, you see the original purple button, with different Advanced options applied.  Results can be dramatically different, depending on what color you start out with.

different effects applied to purple button

If you still have PI 4.2 installed on your hard drive and you're thinking of deleting it now that you have PI 5.0, be sure to back up your PI 4.2 custom settings that you've added to the PI 4.2 EasyPalette. This includes all of your custom presets, AI shapes, and other original effects you've created. For example, I love the Droplet1 Material Gallery preset from PI 4.2 and was lost without it in PI 5.0, so I saved it and imported it to PI 5.0. 

The first step in saving and importing custom PI 4.2 Gallery effects is to navigate from My Computer, Program Files, Ulead Systems, Ulead PhotoImpact 4.2, Ulead.dat folder. Right click and copy the entire folder containing your custom settings (typically SMP files, but you can also copy UFO object clones) then navigate back to the C drive. Make a new file on your hard drive called "pi42jewels" or "mypresets" or whatever, and paste the copied files into the new folder.

It's essential that in PI 5.0 you Import from these folders, which are completely separate from any Ulead  folders. If you Import directly from a PI 4.2 folder into PI 5.0, then delete PI 4.2 from your hard drive, you will lose the imported files. 

To keep things organized, I made new Galleries in PI 5.0 to hold my old PI 4.2 custom presets, shapes, and so on. That way I can find things quickly when I need them.

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