How can I find a specific tutorial? My tutorials can be accessed from the main PI Tutorials Archive Page. You can also order my tutorials on CD here.

Where can I buy your PhotoImpact books and tutorials CD's? You can order my books and tutorials CD's here. In addition, my books are available through Amazon.com.

Have you written any books about PhotoImpact? Yes, you can order "PhotoImpact 6 Wizardry" and "Fun With PhotoImpact 4.2," which are both in print. My book, "Skating Through PhotoImpact 5.0" is available in PDF on CD.

Can I convert your PhotoImpact objects into PSP tubes? It took a lot of work for me to make my PhotoImpact objects, which I share freely with other PI users. These giveaways are a useful promotional tool because they help to drive traffic to my site. You may convert them into PSP tubes for your own personal use only. You may not convert them into tubes or nozzles and then redistribute or sell them on mailing lists, your own web site, or in any other manner. I have copyrighted with the US Copyright Office all of my tutorials and graphics and if my copyright is violated, I will take legal action, as specified in my Terms of Use.

Someone told me your Conditions and Terms of Use means I can't post graphics I made from your tutorials online or in mailing lists. That is not true. In my opinion, anyone who posts a tutorial online gives implicit permission to make the graphic contained in the tutorial. After you make a graphic, it's yours and you can post it online or in a mailing list. It is yours, not mine and you can do whatever you want with it. It's a very simple concept, really. If you have a question about my policies, please contact me directly. If someone tells you that it's illegal to post images made from my tutorials on their mailing list or bb, please refer them to this page for clarification.

Can I link to your site? Links to my site are always appreciated. I have a button you may use on my Link to Me page.

Can I use your tutorials as classes? No, not without licensing the rights to my tutorials. I've found entire sites that were nothing more than a collection of links to my site, with my tutorials identified as these individuals' "lessons" or "classes," and no mention that I am the author. If someone wants to teach, then let them produce their own content instead of hijacking mine. If you're going to link to my tutorials, please make sure you identify them as tutorials and me as the author. If someone has a question about how to use my tutorials, is seems logical that they should contact me, since I'm the one who wrote them. I offer my own classes.

What is your relationship with Ulead? Do you work for them? Although I think the folks at Ulead are wonderful people, I have no business relationship with them. I do not work for Ulead. They do not pay me to promote their products. I just happen to think PhotoImpact is the most fantastic imaging program I've ever discovered. My tutorials site grew out of my enthusiasm for PhotoImpact and my desire to share what I'd learned about using the program with others. If you have a beef about Ulead products, please write to them, not to me. :o)

If I email you with a question about using PI, will you help me? For many years I have been helping people whenever possible by answering questions by email. However, as PhotoImpact has become more popular, I have been swamped by requests for help, often the same questions over and over again. One person just can't do it all. For this reason, I started the PhotoImpact Bulletin Board, which has many forums of interest to new and more seasoned PI users. Come and meet lots of smart, helpful and friendly folks who love to help others. With 2,500+ members, it is the biggest, longest-lived and best PI bb on the planet! So check out the bb and ask questions there -- it's a great place to meet other PhotoImpact enthusiasts! If you need intensive PI instruction, please check out my PI classes.

Can I translate your tutorials into French/German/Japanese/etc. and post them on my web site? In a word, NO. If you would like to license the right to display my tutorials in another language on your web site, please contact me about my fees for licensing my tutorials. No one may translate into any language and post my tutorials without written permission to do so. No. Nada. Non. Verboten. Capisce?

Do you conduct any online classes on using PhotoImpact? Yes, I teach Introduction to PI8 and PI8 Photo Editing classes at LVS Online. These classes are very popular and fill quickly. You can read more about them and check out the student evaluations here.

Who is Stephanie anyway? Please check out the About Stephanie page.

Anything else I should know about this site? Yes, please read my Terms of Use. There is a link to them on every single page in this web site.

Do not duplicate, translate, copy, archive, appropriate or redistribute this document.



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